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Dragon Gate Bar and Grille
Dragon Gate Bar and Grille
300 Broadway Oakland, CA 94607
Dragon Gate Bar and Grille
Jack London Square
Taiwanese (Formosa-1895) & Kung Fu ambiance bar lounge, street markets' cuisine, Asian infused cocktails & karaoke rooms. Enter The Dragon!
Birth of a Dragon

Martell Blue Swift cognac, Jasmine green tea, dried sour plum, ginger, mint

Bruce Lee "Li Xiaolong/Lei Siu Lung" loved to drink tea, which inspired this cocktail and a tribute to him and his controversial fight match with Wong Jack Man in Oakland, 1964, in his martial arts studio, located by Oakland Tech. The Oakland school attracted cross-cultural, racial equity innovation to Bruce Lee, spreading his teachings to non-Asian students, which were denounced with traditional "gung fu" martial arts masters and teachers, ultimately setting up Lee's fight for the right to teach, making it his legacy to this day. Bruce Lee's favorite drink isn't just, "Waa-taaa!!! (water)

Formosa's Mid Autumn Festival

Kuei Hua Chen cassia osmanthus dessert wine, King's Ginger

Inspired by Oakland Chinatown and it's annual summer end StreetFest, this fest celebrates the history and many traditions of China, allows the local Chinese communities to share their cuisine and culture, and it also welcomes the Mid Autumn Mooncake Festival, which will fall this year on September 24th. The cocktail's main base, Kuei Hua Chen (Chiew - wine) made from osmanthus flowers, is the traditional choice for the "reunion wine," drunk on Mid Autumn Mooncake Festival. This cocktail is also a toast to Dragon School and the many dragon murals that adorn the walls of Chinatown; look for Chang'e, the Moon Goddess, with her mooncakes on the wall adjacent to the 21 Hair Salon, located in between 11th and 10th Street, on Webster Street!

Kavalan Manhattan

Kavalan Taiwanese Whisky, Alessio Chinato, bitters

Celebrating the emerging, classic Taiwanese night market street food culture, in tea and snack shops and the nostalgic night-in-Taiwan (called Formosa in 1895) vibe of karaoke rooms, nightlife cuisine, & bar experience, in the growing and diverse Oakland community. Kavalan is pure Taiwan whisky, winning 'Best in Class' and 9 'Double Golds,' in World's Best Whisky awards & International Spirits Challenge. We are toasting to only the best in Oakland!

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