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44 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94607
Jack London Square
Dyafa is a family style restaurant serving traditional Arabic food and Arabic pantry inspired cocktails.
Werewolves of Jack London

OSCO automatic #5 gin, kiwi, huana, cardamom

Kiwi fruit. These hairy little monsters might just be bananas that were bitten by supernatural beings. Rumor has it that the wolf statues here in Jack London come alive at night and roam the boardwalk.

Whatever Happened to Baby Zain?

Brandy, banana, carrot, snap peas, dimmi, lemon

About 4 Months ago our Chef Reem Assil and her partner Jae brought into the world the quintessential Oakland Baby: Equal Parts Arabic and Filipino. Now that Zain is moving on to solid food, we stole some of it and put it in cocktail form. Just playin'! But these are some of his favorite flavors!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Dukkaan

Vodka, loomis vermouth, arak, cucumber, cumin, lime

Dukkaan, aka the Arabic Bodega, is your spot for liquor, cigarettes, groceries, spices and imported goods. This cocktail has a little bit of all of those things. Except for the cigarettes. (We shopped for all of these ingredients at Salam Halal on 7thStreet)

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