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Beer Baron Bar and Kitchen
Beer Baron Bar and Kitchen
5900 College Ave Oakland, CA 94618
Beer Baron Bar and Kitchen
Relaxed Prohibition-era throwback atmosphere with 20+ rotating craft beers and 400+ whiskeys, and a from scratch kitchen.

Seedlip Garden, coconut cream, spices, lime, Thyme

Walking around town with some bar flies hoping from bar to bar in downtown, I was always on the look out for a NON-Alcoholic drink that would allow me to slow the roll with my buddies and keeping under the radar with them.. We need more of this in our worlds in my opinion...

Fairly Local

St George Terroir, lemon, Faction Hipster Conformant

This one was Easy, from our relationship with Lance at St George and walking over from there is Faction I put the two together. They are both Pioneers in the local business’s producing amazing things to make our brains think’in....

Juiced in Time

Wahaka Mezcal, Verjus, tiki bitter

I was Inspired to make this drink when a Local Wine maker came to me with some home made Verjus (Meadow View)and blew my mind with out we could use this item as an acid agent in drinks. Love the texture it brings as well...


Capurro Acholado Pisco, Bruto americano, Lime, passion fruit, burlesque bitter, whites, cream soda

This drink came to me from the foggy mornings we have out in Rockridge and Sitting on Grizzly Peak up above the fog and feeling like we are Levitating above the fog... Always puts things into prospective for me when I get out here to clear the head..

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