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Let the Schwarz-Bier With You

Hawking Bird


Old Kan Dark Schwarzbier, OSCO "Tradewinds" assam tea & masala spice infused brandy

The Schwarz definitely biers with Adam over at Old Kan, who keeps making fantastic brews just a balanced and clean as they are flavorful. A great nightcap option. No helmet required!

Shiso Fine - $9

Hawking Bird


OSCO Glasshouse shiso infused white brandy, Federation "In the Weeds" ipa, fresh lemon & grapefruit juices, ginger syrup, peychauds bitters

When a local company hits a home run like OSCO does with this unique brandy expression, you've just gotta shandy it, cuz....shiso fine!

Whatever Happened to Baby Zain?


Jack London Square

Brandy, banana, carrot, snap peas, dimmi, lemon

About 4 Months ago our Chef Reem Assil and her partner Jae brought into the world the quintessential Oakland Baby: Equal Parts Arabic and Filipino. Now that Zain is moving on to solid food, we stole some of it and put it in cocktail form. Just playin'! But these are some of his favorite flavors!

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