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Bump City

The Ruby Room

Lake Merritt

Wright & Brown Rye, Averna Amaro, Antica Carpano, Walnut Bitters, Lemon, Brandied Cherry

Classic Cocktails. Locally Distilled Spirits. Tower of Power. Darondo. Oakland Funk & Soul.

Goapele's Milk & Honey

Plum Bar


Jack Daniels Rye, rooibos tea, milk, honey, lemon, mint

Oakland's own Goapele has spent the last decade and a half, singing about sensuality & political and socio-economic change. This cocktail is for her!

Jack's Land

Farmhouse Kitchen

Jack London Square

Rittenhouse Rye, Farmhouse Lemongrass Syrup, Lime, Prik Klur and Shaved Ice.

The ocean breath of Jack London.

The Omni

The Avenue


Jack Daniels Rye, Tippleman's Barrel Smoked Maple Syrup, Old Fashioned Bitters, Served on the rocks or up and garnished with a cherry or a lime.

This Drink is inspired by the legandary punk and metal Club, The Omni, located just accross from The Avenue on Shattuck. This drink combines incredible flavors into one beautiful disaster, the same way the infamous club combined various forms of alternative music under one roof. My wife and I found the syrup in a little store in Truckee during our summer vacation to Tahoe, the flavor of the syrup practically begged for a rye whiskey, Jack Daniels released their rye whiskey and being as how Jack Daniels is synonymous with the Heavy Music community, it seemed natural to use it in a cocktail named after a Legandary Oakland Heavy Music Venue.

Town Bizness


Old Oakland

Wright and Brown Rye Whiskey Dolin Blanc Vermouth agave nectar fresh lemon muddled brandied cherries Vinho Verde float

We set out to create a drink inspired by the diversity of Oakland by using different ingredients that come together to create a great cocktail to reflect our great city. We also wanted our cocktail to reflect what our bar program is all about so we created a drink that features both whiskey and wine. This drink features Wright and Brown which is the first distillery in Oakland since prohibition. The rye whiskey and vermouth bring a dryness that is balanced out by the citrus from the lemon and acid from the wine. Cheers!

West End

The Hunter Public House


Dickel Rye, St George Nola, bitters, simple syrup

We named this cocktail after the side of town that we are representing in Alameda using a local craft spirit to bring the best ingredient flavor to the cocktail.

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